The History

I could talk about the crisp, clean flavours or how well it creates a vodka Martini - but really and truthfully, the true USP of Skorppio is the real scorpion which resides at the bottom of the bottle.
— Gavin, Blood Sweat & Fashion Magazine

Throughout history, the consumption of scorpions was once reserved for tribal warriors and for young men and women hoping to attract new lovers. The scorpion's soul was believed to carry energy, strength, and power. Now, Skorppio Vodka brings you a chance to indulge in this timeless tradition, should you desire.



 The adventure begins in a distillery in England. Skorppio features five-times distilled 100% pure grain vodka with clean, pesticide-free, farm-raised scorpions. Their venom has been removed-they are ready to be enjoyed.